MG & Bria are two “almost there” YA writers. Things have changed fast for these two in the past year, and they’re in a place that screams, “Go to Nationals! Learn the next steps!” So, here are the TOP TEN REASONS TO SEND MG & BRIA TO NATIONALS:

  1. So they can finally meet each other 🙂
  2. So MG can pitch the perfect book to the perfect agent
  3. Bria would really like to meet her agent…in person!
  4. There’s an Anthropologie at the mall across the street
  5. How much trouble could they get in alone at home?
  6. We’re starving artists … there are a few free meals at the conference, right?
  7. Our tax returns from last year would depress you
  8. We’ll let you sit with us at the bar
  9. We’ll embrace you into our awesomeness
  10. And last but not least, because we’re begging.

They’ve been hard at work designing some amazing t-shirts and gifts especially for writers. (Or English teachers, or editors, or agents, etc!) For every product sold, $2 goes to the GET THEM TO NATIONALS FUND. So grab a tee for yourself, a coffee mug for your editor, or a few journals to use as prize giveaways on your blog. Make a statement while getting Bria and MG to Nationals!

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